Renninger Racing Race Recap | June 12th 2021 | New Egypt Speedway

First time out in 2021, we tried to get out sooner but it wasn't in the cards.  Feature Finish 10th 

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People that know me in my alternate reality say, and you race too. 

It was a challenging year, above and beyond the obvious, I also coach wrestling.  They pushed the season a bit, so it basically was wrestling, baseball, and racing season all in one to open, throw in a Job change and a start of a business, yeah sure I got time to prep my tires, set the valves, and dial in everything else, lol.

We had a few upgrade/changes during the off season that threw a few things off and we ended up going with what we had.  After 3 DNFs last year we finished a feature for better or worse, but the car works, and now we will dial it in.

But hey New Egypt Speedway hooked me up with Sportsman driver of the week.  

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I still remember Danny would come down to the bottom and say Hi to me every time I showed up, he was a good guy, even called me from Bridgeport when I won a Grandview, tiny things go such a long way for the average racer. 

Speaking of average here is our starting point, Im happy the car works. Now we work on a multitue of things as one of my favorite guys in racing would say needs fixing. 

There are several items to fix for sure but the car overal is better then I have ever had, we just need to dial it in and Im sure that it will happen quickly.

In the mean time Wayne is looking good. 


 And to end it out a fun drone video 

Renninger Racing Returns to Action this Saturday Night at New Egypt Speedway. 

Still looking for help, to put it blunt.  I pay all the bills, race the car, Im looking for hands on to help on a bi weekly basis, from a seasoned veteran who can help me from years of experienced to a green ambitious kid that wants to learn all I've learned, in short I can not do this all alone, inquire within.,  

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