Renninger Racing Race Recap | August 29th 2020 | New Egypt Speedway

Well it only took 5 years, less 7 days.

IMG 22261But we're back, and right away reminded that every single detail counts. 

If there were 1000 things to take care of I missed 3 of them.

Nothing like turning laps with your breaks on but that's what happened.

Wanted to first of all thank my Dad, Jimmy and Corey for the help at the track.

I am human and it wasnt about 20 mins after the warm up sitting in the pit stands where I said "I think my heart rate is coming down" 

I didnt get many laps in but it went like this, first turn warm up I ran it into the corner and thought, great I'm going to spin on the first go, but it stuck and from that point on it was on to figuring things out.  

I would in no way say I was up to speed but I found a few moments before my brakes locked up 1/2 way through the heat race. 

Disappointed I did not get run the feature but, the car was not right, and no sense in running when things are not right. 

Back to the shop the car went. With the help of a few good friends, I found all the areas I needed to correct on the car. 

The plan was always to return 5 years later on September 5th, Ill see you there. Check out the event at NewEgyptSpeedway.Net  6PM Start Time, Hope to see you there! 

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Renninger Racing Race Recap | September 5th 2020 ...
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