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Final Points at Grandview Speedway: 9th

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Well our goal this year was to finish races and place in the top 10 in points, although I was really gunning for 5th, I guess we can call it mission accomplished.

I still somehow feel we left a lot on the table, I blinked and the season was over. 

This was a year that was earned, starting 6th on back in the heats was quite an effort this year to get into the feature, it wasn't something that was automatic and a couple times...nail bitting. 

Many times in the feature I would be starting 20 something and finish up 10th or 11th.erikrace

As far as finishing races, up until the last two races I had finished every lap of every race. The past two races had me miss 8 laps due to a black flag and an over aggressive driver who tore apart my rear suspension, I still drove both times back to the pits. 

Not one time on the hook this year, that is what needs to happen, finish the race bring the car back make it better and not rush around fixing things, and this year we were able to do just that.

I went down a few different path this year that didn't work out and I ended up back where I was a year ago, I hate to say this Ive done this before. 

I now KNOW that I have finally learned that I know what I'm doing and I know what the car and I need to be competitive. Sometimes you go searching for things that are just not there. 

I'm having a hard time calling this season a success because I don't feel like it really was one. Yet, as I mentioned during the course of this year I have passed more cars (earned passes) this year than my entire past 7 years of racing. We have also taken great care of our equipment and our engine program did not miss a beat, but did take a decent amount of attention, attention that kept it all together. 

I suppose these are the successes, in past season we have missed weeks with getting engines fixed or going to a back up chassis. The past two years I have missed at least 5 races per season, this season 8 laps. 

I know we needed to first be able to finish a season like this to have a shot at one day winning a championship. That goal is at the end of the tunnel for sure, at least this current tunnel I'm looking down. 

I'm sure someone would say championship, ha good luck with that but I say why not me. I feel were not to far out, I just need to stay on the right path and continue in that direction and have focus. 

This off season we will be building a new car, mainly a new chassis and I'm still debating on what I will do with this years car, either keep it as a backup or part it out.

As of now I'm going to do two more races, this Friday night at Grandview and Bridgeport in a few weeks for the Friends of Mike race. 

I would like to thank my Dad for everything he does to keep me going, without him I would never be this far along and may have packed it up a few times already. 

Also my crew at the track and at the shop who without I would never get to the track or be able to pull off a season like this with being at every single race and almost every single lap. 

And last and surely not least I would thank the fans. You hear that so often but what does that really mean:

It means I thank people like Whippy for simply existing 
I thank the people that have come up to me in the pits and asked questions, or simply came to check out the car
I thank the photographers that take pictures and videos of me and my car to which there never can be enough of
I thank the people who write about my team and help tell the story 
I thank people that come to my facebook page and like something
I thank the people that write to me on facebook, twitter, or youtube 
I thank the guy who takes time out his day to help me 
I thank the fellow racer who lends me a tool or part, helps change a tire, or just helps me out
I thank anyone who simply takes an interest because at times with this sport you feel in your own world and sometimes a simple gestures goes a long way.

And now...I thank my beautiful wife Andrea who simply puts up with this Sh!T...ha ha! and lets not kid anyone she surely helps me along the way here in so many ways.

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