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Results April 5th 2014

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Results: Season Opener April 5th 2014 Heat 7th Feature 15th

Well considering I pretty much conceded that I would miss opening day, the fact that we were there was good enough for me. 

When we got to the track we were still finishing up the car, down to the last couple of buttons and jam nuts. 

I knew I wasn't to dialed in but wanted to shake the car down and very happy that we did make it to the track because we found an issue with the carburetor. We tried to sort that out before the feature and did get it better but it still wasn't right.

Also add to the fact the big ditch in turn 3 I had no plans of going hard and was pretty much ready to take a few laps and pull off, but as usual nothing goes at planned. Before I made it to the start line when the green dropped I was into a spinning car and jacked up from behind. Not quite what I had in mind for opening day.

No real damage to the car but the body was a little torn up so with the body christened I figured no time like the present and finished up the race. 

All off season I tried to do everything possible to be ready well in advance but that was not in the cards this year and we were pretty much behind the 8 ball till today. I would look at this race pretty much like a practice session and looking forward to the next few weeks and see how well we can get our car dialed in. So far the little bit I felt with things, It should be a great season.

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